Renaissance in the Hall of Music

Thanks to Fotoclub “Foto in fuga” and the association “Amici di Villa Litta” I could see the park , the Nymphaeum and the splendid palaces of the sixteenth century Villa Litta Lainate, a few miles from Milan. I will not dwell on the history of Villa Lita or on the description of what you’ll find: you simply have to go there, because it is well worth the visit! In the Hall of Music, under the gaze of  immortal statues that adorn the balconies once intended to the musicians, we did a photo shooting combining music and dance, in a cool Sunday morning. The light of a timid spring seeping through large windows, gave the ambience a magical and inspiring mood. Similar, I think, to the light one could experiment in an ancient classical thiasus, a place where young teenagers compete in various arts with passion and joy. A personal thanks to Maria Grazia Buscaino (flute) and Jessica Ferro (dance).
It was  the first time for trying the new Fujifilm X- T1, coupled with the zoom XF 55-200. The little Fuji is a fantastic tool: easy, flexible, and performs perfectly, making me completely forget the past full frame DSLR. I used the film simulation PRO Neg. Std that perfectly married with the morning light and the delicate skin tones of the young girls. It’s a fortune you can pre-visualize in your mind the picture of the final shot, see it in the display almost ready, and then applying only a few retouches in post production. The Face Recognition function turned out to be a plus that left me amazed favorably. The sharpness at full aperture, speed and stabilization of the telephoto, instead, I already knew well: the 55-200 is a quite reliable gear and it performs well.
Villa Litta, Sala della Musica

Event / Location

Lainate, Villa Litta



Gear / Technique

Fujifilm X-T1 + Fuji XF 55-200mm

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