Metis. Being a Web strategist today

Imagine two forces meet on the same path.
A classical love for the past and authenticity from one side, and a modern search for innovation from the other. These tendencies are not opposed to each other but form a positive unit. My goal? Make them walk hand in hand, in a kind of “technological humanism“.

Humanist trained with a strong attitude toward new media, since 2001 I deal with web sites, mobile applications, social networks and content writing, offering to media agencies as a versatile advisor. I think a practical and versatile intelligence (“Metis“) is the combination of perception, responsibility, and love for Beauty.

Well, this is my swiss-army knife to discover and reinterpret everyday reality: from work to my dearest hobbies, which are creative writing and photography. The Metis can take any form, take all the roads, strive in all directions. Sinuous and intricate as mazes and constellations, occult as thieves, merchants, and secret lovers.

The hero of the Metis is Ulysses, who opposes intelligence to brute force, reverses the most critical situation to his own advantage. He tries to prevent the course of events and seize the opportune moment, which can be dominated by adapting us to every circumstance. Today the Maze is the Internet, the largest communication structure man has ever made. Since each point of the Network is a “center”, the whole network has no center. You are the center.

Theseus didn’t enter the labyrinth without Ariadne’s thread that guaranteed return. So you won’t enter the network without a strategy that allows you to save your path. In a maze there are many points that you may seek, but the most important thing to avoid, beside getting lost, is forgetting the purpose for which you entered.


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