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At north of Milan, the no profit organization “Vita da Cani” work in defense of animal rights. With my friend Lorenzo Terraneo – who for once left underwater photography – we were invited to the Park Kennel in Arese. Their mission is building a city for dogs: a haven in which dogs are as free as possible. Where the dogs from the laboratories of vivisection (Green Hill, for example) try to leave behind the nightmare of human lager, where disabled are cared for, and stray have a home and brothers. Where, quoting their website, “we try to build a new culture of respect for life, believing to finally see the sky bloom”. In film Noah, humans ask themselves this question before God’s will: why to save only one human family and one family for each species of animal? The answer of the man closer to God is simple: “animals still live like in the Garden.”
I wanted to publish this story on September 11th, and today Italian institutions have murdered a mother bear and her cubs just convicted in a protection area. The dogs housed in Arese kennel are about 150. Imagine how much money volunteers need to care for these animals (food, cleaning, medicine, overheads…) for carrying on the dream of a better place on Earth. Go to their website to discover all various activities they organize. Some of these photos will be used, together with others of Lorenzo, for the outreach activities of the association.


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