That April morning, it was raining in Pisa. Giving up would have been a problem for logistical reasons and timing: we had to organize the material for the event “In Deep Water“.
Until, at around 10am, the weather started to change: the better part of the morning was lost, but in an external shooting you should put this into account.┬áSo, with the painter Alexandra Parravicini and the girls of Contemporary Dance Group “Nostoi”, we reached the beach of Marina di Pisa. The beach is almost deserted, except for an elderly couple sitting quietly on a pine trunk. They have a blanket over their shoulders, their eyes fixed on the horizon. The rest of the scene is just the return of the waves and the voices of Alessandra’s children chasing each other.
At first, I do no shot. I just try to look at the dancers, studying their slow movements: we’ve known for less than an hour. I look the space around us, and begin to browse the majority of opportunities I had put in my pocket, since I’ve to adjust to subjects and context. The sun began to peep through the clouds, which move thick and heavy, numb herds. I explain my goal to Lucia, Federica, Elisa, and Giovanna, their choreographer. I find them very kind. Even when, after a moment of understandable uncertainty, they don’t refuse to dive into cold water. The light helps me and the atmosphere is now joyful. The shots I prefer are those in which they play as little girls.


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Fujifilm X-Pro 1, Fujinon XF 35mm

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